Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Seam Of Leather Sofa Ripped

Senú Historically, indigenous people have fought for the preservation of their land. However, the gradual loss of its territory initially covered the basins of the San Jorge, Sinu, Bajo Cauca, the savannah of Sucre, Córdoba and Bolívar, has generated over the past 40 years the emigration of many indigenous to the area Bajo Cauca and Uraba. The pressure on this people group has determined the loss of their language and many cultural traditions that determine recognition.

In an effort to reaffirm their identity as indigenous people Senú is struggling not only to obtain their own territory, but for the preservation of traditional practices. In this sense, rituals linked to food (preservation of own seeds, cultivation of productive patio, use of medicinal and aromatic plants, rescue of local products and parties) are collective values \u200b\u200bstill show the relationship of its history Senú .

This process of reaffirmation of identity is based on the work done by the indigenous councils, made up women's groups, elders and youth that support the implementation of community projects. In this regard, thanks to the field experience of several organizations working with indigenous populations in Antioquia, has recognized the interest of the youth population by linking further with its cultural dynamics to investigate on their traditions and find alternatives to help them self-recognition as indigenous.

Given the context described above, we present a proposal as New decimero, Senú people feeding stories, in which assumes training for audiovisual production as a means to enhance the storytelling skills to tell their indigenous youth culture from its own perspective through this language.


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