Monday, March 16, 2009

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New Talents: Milos Krasic

Milos Krasic

Position: Right end
Age : 24 years
Nationality: Serbia
Current Club: CSK Moscow

Every day is used less extreme position. The current coaches prefer to play to leg midfielders changed and so have an easier time with his good leg kick. Thus, the entire band left free to be the side which they are responsible to get to the bottom line and focus. This system, as currently used, has led to the end position of the edge of extinction. For this reason, the teams still believe in a system with real end game, are having serious problems finding players with this profile. An example of this would be the Real Madrid which was testing the winter market in search of a right end. The result of that search was one of the more extreme defenders in Europe, Milos Krasic. Finally, these negotiations did not prosper because the CSK asking too high a number, 20 million euros. Might be many millions, but considering the quality of this player and the difficulty of finding players like him, I do not think a price so exorbitant. The Real Madrid decided not jur√°rsela Krasic and signing with Faubert on loan. For me, it erred in this decision. In addition, the Serbian player has been tempted by other major European clubs and has stated on occasion that their cycle is over and that Russia expects call at a more prestigious club to move forward. It was certainly good enough to play in any European team.

Let's analyze your game.

usually expect the pass very close to the right side of midfield forward, but does not hesitate to get the ball down and start its fast gallop to the opposite base line. When no options on the wing, looking the ball in midfield. Occasionally has played in midfield, but the overflow makes it much more effective in the right wing.
is very rapid, with a great change of pace, exquisite technique and little predictable. She loves to show with beautiful dribbling, heels, walls or other watermarks. In addition, its power and height (1.85 m) makes the task of the defenders who want to stop. What most caught my attention is rarely wrong in their decisions. All it does make sense.
Krasic is the player who brings the quality, talent and entertainment to a computer, the CSK, which also has class players like Vagner Love and Zhirkov Dzagoev.

For me, Krasic is not future, is present. I hope next season we have occasion to see him more often in a big team in Europe. The Russian Premier League has become too small.


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